Frequently Asked Questions

Vision Statement

To create a one stop place to learn, from theory to practice in a pragmatic way, driven by the community for the community itself.

Who we are?

We are engineers, now in industry and realizing that everything is connected. If we cannot see the obvious, it is our ignorance, not that the truth was non-existent before. But the way education is being imparted, at least in many corners of where we come from, the masters are as ignorant as their pupils and do not provide enough intellectual stimulation, which makes learning at this stage not just onerous and burdensome, but also creates a pressure of learning it on our own. Unaided discovery, though the most profound and fulfilling of all experiences, is painfully slow and we’d like to help you find the right content, and the peers with whose help, you will arrive at it faster. Just like our coding principles, we believe in ‘DRY’ – Don’t Repeat Yourself.

Why the name ‘Pirate Learner’?

Because today we’re living in the world where education has become institutionalized, and everyone, sooner or later makes it a profit making machinery, with profit driving the central philosophy. We brand ourselves as pirates, who are learner at hearts and would go to any extent to clinch that panacea of educating anyone who wants to be educated with the least of trouble in terms of resources – tangible as well as intangible. Profits? Yes, we’d love to, but one ideal is ingrained in our heads – it will never be at the cost of inconvenience of the people we wish to serve, you. This place will always be open, and clutter free. If it gets cluttered, let us know, we’ll clean it up again.

What we’re trying to do?

Create a portal
Open Source
On advertisements
On culture
On core competency
On finances and resources

What’s in for you?

We intend to promote lifelong learning and mentorship. We believe that the true hallmark of an expert is that he not only understands it fully, but can explain it in so simple terms that even the uninitiated layperson gets the hang of it and arouses inquisition for them to venture into the field. If that kind of pursuit of excellence doesn’t stir you, I am afraid there isn’t much we can do. Other than that, since we’re open and open-source, and always want to be, we’re open to new and innovative augments into the community – Coding, design, experiments, projects, collaboration and what not. We promise, that if you show diligence and promise, we will go the extra mile to make you feel good and appreciated, not just in the virtual, but in the real life too.

So, if you feel like contributing, feel free to drop in an email. If you'd like to see our source code and create something better, here is the link to our github repositiories.

What we really want?

To work from anywhere and anytime. Lots of vacations knowing that there is someone trustworthy who’ll carry the torch forward with or without us, particularly without us. To have lots of fun, and to allow everyone who connects with us have lots of fun.